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Terms & Conditions

Commercial Policy of the Company Kertesh:

The company Kertesh disposes products and services for sale on http://www.kertesh.com for end users in Lebanon as well as at an international level, in accordance with legal provisions.
Due to the fact that the sale is specific and detailed, the company reserves the right to deny any order that exceeds the authorized number of goods - that being 5 identical products (same reference, same color) - during promotion periods or private sale.
The company Kertesh will also be able to legally refuse any order or delivery placed by any internet user in the event of a dispute between the company and the user, in case of a denial of authorization to pay using credit card from banking institutions or in case of partial non-payment.
The responsability of the company Kertesh can’t be engaged in any way regarding this matter.
Therefore, regarding orders placed through the website, it is recommended that internet users keep a copy of the items related to their order under electronic format and/or printed (such as the confirmation e-mail sent by the company Kertesh).

Product-Related Information:
The products offered for sale are the ones listed on the website http://www.kertesh.com on the same day the internet user is browsing the website.
The products are offered for sale within the stock capacity available and are presented with the best accuracy possible. However, the company Kertesh can’t be held responsible for the non-substantial errors that may affect the goods’ caracteristics. The pictures and descriptive texts possess an indicative value and are in no way contractual.
To verify the compliance of the goods, the internet user is invited to make sure that the product that has been delivered il the one ordered. The internet user can inform the company Kertesh of any non-compliance with proper justification of his order in the 48 hours at the most that follow the reception of the good(s), and that by any means, particularly by e-mail at serviceclient@kertesh.com.
If the non-compliance of the order is realized and approved after a written approval issued by the company Kertesh, a return serial number and a return note of UPS will be given to the user. The product should be sent in perfect condition, complete and accompanied with the documents sent with the order to the following adress : to the services of E-boutique, Rue Mimosa, Hadidian Gold and Jewelry Trade Center, 9th Floor, Bourg Hammoud.
In case of exchange incapacity and after a written approval is issued by the company Kertesh, the refund of the totality of the amount paid will be transfered to the users’ credit card.
7 days after receiving the delivery by the internet user, the products are deemed compliant and accepted.

Price-Related Information:
The prices are reported all taxes included in American Dollars including VAT, excluding delivery rates which are at the internet users’ expense (unless the order is placed to Lebanon).
The products are priced following the tariff rates that are operative at the moment of placing the order and are payable in full and all at once at the moment of order placing.
The delivery of the goods can take place only after the totality of the payment of the order has been paid. However, the company Kertesh reserves the right to modify the prices.

Order-Related Information:
Any order placed implies the irrevocable acceptance of the prices and the descriptions of the products for sale. The validation of the order implies beforehand acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale; the order will only be taken into consideration after acceptance of the full payment.
During the order placing, the internet user has the possibility to modify his choice of goods before the definitive validation of his order thanks to pop-up validation and acceptance screens.
The order won’t definitely be recorded until the last validation of the order payment window.
Once the order has been placed, a confirmation e-mail regarding the order that has been taken into consideration by the company Kertesh will be sent to the internet user, and implies a contract.
The internet user has no right of withdrawal.

Conditions and Time of Delivery:
The goods’ expediting can’t take place before the validation of the payment of the order. The delivery is made to the address indicated by the internet user within the timelines mentionned during the online order and according to the delivery provider chosen.
For these timelines to be observed, the internet user should make sure to have sent in the correct and full information concerning the delivery address. Incorrect information might indeed cause additional delivery delays, or even re-expediting.
The responsibility of the company Kertesh can’t be engaged in case of delivery delay and wrong information given, for any reason whatsoever.
Therefore, the internet user can’t file for compensation in any way. The company Kertesh wishes to do everything in its power to guarantee the good delivery of the products.
The carrier takes in charge the risks related to the transportation of the products as soon as the product is sent out from the company Kertesh. The deliveries are made by the company UPS and the delivery rates are indicated when the internet user inserts the address information - deliveries within Lebanon only are held under the company Kertesh’s responsibility.
In case of absence of the internet user at the moment of delivery, the user will be contacted by the company Kertesh to reschedule a delivery time slot.

Personal Data Related Information and the Right to Modify Collected Data:
As part of signing up to specifically access the website, the following personal data is recorded : First Name and Last Name, Full Address, Telephone Number, e-mail Address.
Through filling in these informations, the user becomes part of the website’s database and will receive regularly informations and various commercial offers from the comapny Kertesh as part of the online shop. All banking-related informations are handled directly by the informatic service of the bank to which the credit card of the user is linked and through which the payments are being done.
Therefore, the company Kertesh has no knowledge whatsoever concerning banking informations and doesn’t keep such informations in its databases. The internet user willingly fills in these informations since the user personally went through inserting the information.
As part of filling in these informations, the mandatory and non-mandatory fields will be revealed.
The internet user possesses the right to access the website, to modify, rectify, oppose and delete personal data that are related to the user.

The Company Kertesh’s Responsability-Related Information:
The comapny Kertesh only has an obligation of means for all of the steps related to accessing the website, be it the processus of placing an order to the delivery.
The responsibility of the company Kertesh can’t be engaged in case of any informatic-related problem or internet outages that may cause the interrupting of services or any other cases of force majeure.

The Company Kertesh’s Intellectual Property-Related Information:
The website htpp://www.kertesh.com and its componenets are under the exclusive property of the company Kertesh, and this is effective worldwide.
No reproduction of the texts or pictures can be done without the approval of the brand.
The internet user is therefore forbidden to reproduce or to diffuse all of or a part of the website (logos, brands, pictures, graphics, photos,...) in any form, except social networks such as : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …
If the pictures of the company Kertesh’s website are used on another website, a hyperlink should redirect the user to the original webpage of the picture.

The general sales conditions are subject to lebanese law.
Any litigation relative to the commercial link that exists between parties - and failing amicable settlement - falls under the exclusive competence of the lebanese courts.